Need help figuring out what is going on here.....


Jun 1, 2006
I was looking at an auction for a Hayden Harnett triple strap and was checking out the sellers feedback and saw that she just won an auction for this exact bag 5/27/07....the SAME day she listed the bag. How is this possible??? She's using the same wording and pictures too. I was interested in this bag, but now I'm not so sure. Should I just contact her and ask her to explain?

Here is where she won the bag:

Here is her listing currently for the bag:

Thanks for any light you can shed based on previous experiences.


Apr 18, 2006
Looks like she won the bag on May 15 and received it. But she doesn't like it so she listed it for sale. She must cannot think of a better wording so she copies the original seller's description.

You sure have rights to ask.
Feb 6, 2007
She's relatively new to selling so perhaps she purchased the bag hoping to resell it for a slight profit. Looks as though she may pull it off. If nothing else, it's 2 feedback for the price of one.


complete bagaholic...
Yeah she probably just didn't like the bag and sold it.
But you might want to inspect the bag if you get it - she might have used it during the week she sold her bag - so you never know what you might notice.

I honestly would not bid - I find these actions of the seller rather shady. I had a time when someone outbid me on a bag, and she was selling the same one on ebay - it just dosen't make any sense!


Jun 1, 2006
Sorry about that....I saw the feedback date thinking that was the auction end date. I'm usually a little more thorough than that. Thanks for the feedback everyone I appreciate it!! Not sure I'll bid yet, but we'll see.



Dooney Girl
May 2, 2007
I was I asked. Here is my question, and her response is below...although if you ask me, I don't think she answered the question of why she is using the EXACT same listing. She should at least make it her own.

I see that you won this exact same bag on May 15, and now you are selling it. I was interested in bidding on it, but was curious if there was some problem with it. It's hard to tell from your auction if there was something in particular you did not like about the bag, because you used the original seller's exact same posting. Please let me know so I can make a bid, thanks!!

Hi! A lot of people have asked this question---a good I'll pose this response..No, there are no flaws. I have been a Hayden-Harnett handbag kick as of late...I bought two from Ebay and received one as a gift from my mother b/c she knew I liked them...Now I have too many handbags...It was a tough decision but I am selling this one because it hasn't been used. Still has packing paper in it, tags, etc. Its a GORGEOUS bag. If it doesn't sell, I'll certainly use it and love it.


springtime lavender
Aug 15, 2006
As a newbie seller she probably doesn't appreciate 1) buyers don't like to see things quickly resold and 2) buyers who sell also know how hard it is to create a listing so they don't like to see copied listings. It's just not smart to copy a listing the way she did because it advertises that she's reselling it. It also sends the subtler message that she's willing to cut corners, ie not bother to alter text, so the perception of her trustworthiness drops somewhat. There's nothing wrong with reselling a bag~we all have bought things that don't look good on us but are still lovely items. But sheesh don't make it so obvious you're reselling!

The other subtle thing about copying a listing the way she did is that it hurts the original seller a little bit. It never helps a seller to have one of their items flipped so quickly and publicly.