Need help fast Speedy Chains or Duomo

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  1. I'm debating between both of these bags right now at louis vuitton. Help me choose please.
  2. both great bags. the duomo is very practical but obviously more subdued. depends which way you want to go. i myself would go with the chains speedy because honestly these speedies make my heart sing, lol! i would say it depends upon how much you need a duomo type practical hobo. if you do, it might be the better choice for you. if you have that base already covered in your collection, then maybe go for the special speedy. good luck!
  3. I am no help as they are both gorgeous !!!!! Do you already have a DE bag in your collection ? If not then the dunomo is a great choice . I saw this bag yesterday and liked it alot . But the chains is LE and very unique . Hmm... I love the speedy more so thats what I would pick :smile: Did you decide yet ?????
  4. Speedy is limited and only available for a few months. You can get the duomo later, you won't have that option for the speedy.
  5. I'm assuming you made a call by now, but I'd pick chains based on availability.
  6. I would have picked the chains Speedy while the option was still available and slept on the decision. If it still makes you happy then keep it but if not then you can always exchange for the Duomo, but at least you will never wonder 'what if?'.
  7. I vote Speedy Chains 😍
  8. so what did you decide???
  9. got the Duomo and am now questioning my decision :/
  10. I think you made the right choice at least with this bag you can wear it year after year after year and it won't look dated. :biggrin:
  11. +1