Need Help Falling Asleep...

  1. I have crazy insomnia right now. I got home around 1am and cannot seem to relax. Any suggestions on how to get drowzy without the aid of artificial means? (p.s. sex is out of the question- DH is fast alseep and snoring up a storm!!!)
  2. Have you tried melatonin? I know, it's an aid, but it is considered a "natural" supplement ... it works for me.
  3. Have you tried anything to help you wind down before bed like reading? I always make sure that my room is not too warm either as I think this keeps me awake for longer. Lavender is great for helping you sleep. you could try it in the form of bath salts or maybe a few drops of oil sprinkled onto your pillow.
    I hope you find a remedy soon as I know how frustrating it is to have sleep problems. Good luck and hopefully you'll be sleeping like a baby soon! xx
  4. You should wake the bad boy up..LOL......Whats he gonna say..NO???
    To sex?

    I think NOT...HEEHEE
  5. I've heard drinking a glass of warm milk will help?

    Do you have an iPod? I have been trying to do daily meditation while listening to my iPod. I have these music called 'Ten Minutes to Relax'. While listening to the music I imagine me being at my happy places, scenaries that have made me felt the most relaxed, like lounging on a beach in the Carribean, or Hawaii ... it works 9 out of 10 times! And praying helps me too ... Good luck!
  6. I have to read to go to sleep. No, wait there is SO much more. In fact, I have ridiculous bed time rituals... which includes but IS NOT limited to... a warm bath, complete facial skincare, dental etc. regime, lavender scented body lotion, cool bedroom tempurature, loose fitting cottom T to sleep in, chapstick application, complete darkness (cant even have digital display on TV or clock visible), several down pillows, the right thread count sheets, reading with a sound machine ( preferable ocean sounds) and then HOPEFULLY... sweet bliss, until I wake up to pee. And then its a whole new ball game.
    Ya think I might be a high maintenance sleeper?????
  7. sometimes I drink chamomile tea...
  8. I take a 3mg melatonin about 30 minutes before i want to go to sleep, i also have a horrid time falling asleep, especially when classes are in session b4cause i cant turn my mind off from the day. Your body makes melatonin naturally, the tablet is a non habit forming type, and it dosnt make you fall asleep, it makes me ready to go relax and drift off when i'm ready.
  9. ITA!!!
    Melatonin is great!! It really works to help you sleep, and its suppose to help with wrinkles as a plus. It never leaves me groggy the next day!! I love it!:yahoo:
  10. A few tips from someone who's had very recent insomnia:

    don't do anything in bed but sleep (except for sex).
    If you watch t.v. in bed or read in bed, that will hinder falling asleep.
    Wear an eye mask. Having your eyelids covered will force you to keep them closed.
    Wear earplugs too. Excess noise can keep you awake.
    Don't eat very late, just before you go to bed.

    this tip is really hard, but anybody can learn to do it: do a body scan.
    You close your eyes, and try to single out each part of your body in your mind, and this helps you relax. Start at your toes, and try to locate a tingling sensation. Fingertips, skin...there are so many layers and it can be really enlightening. Half the time you'll fall asleep or get drowsy, and fall asleep.

    good luck!
  11. HC's tips are great. A few more:

    1 hour before bed:
    Drink a cup of warm milk with 3mg melatonin and a few calcium-with-magnesium pills

    Don't drink any caffeine after noon.

    Don't exercise in the 4 hours before bedtime.

    Sweet dreams!
  12. Have any of you gotten a prescription of Melationin (sp) from your MD and noticed that it gives you a rip roaring headache the next day? I cannot take that stuff.
    I have issues going to sleep but that stuff does NOT work
  13. I try to take as little meds as I can get by with, so one other thing that's helped enormously has been GOING OUTSIDE and walking for a good half hour or an hour if you can do it, but make sure to do it OUTSIDE in the fresh air.

    The fresh air envigorates your body but mostly your mind, which is the area that stores stress, depression, and all those other yucky things that keep you awake at night. Believe me on this one if nothing else. I promise you, do it for a few days, and you'll start sleeping.

    Then when you're ready for the next step, force yourself to get to a gym or somewhere you can do one solid hour a day of invigorating cardio exercise. At the end of each night, you'll be yawning and your eyes will close as soon as you hit the pillow. We all need to just go back to the basics.
  14. Oh, take a warm bath with baby oil to make your skin nice and soft, put on some warm fuzzy pajamas, and maybe that will help too. If not, at least you'll feel pampered!
  15. You don't need a prescription for melatonin - it is supposedly all natural and sold with the vitamins. Regardless I will not take an entire pill as it will give me a "sleep hangover". I usually break them in half and that does the trick.