Need HELP!!! Fake Website Stole my ebay Pictures!!

  1. I received a strange email this morning from a person on eBay asking if I sell my stuff through another website. I replied No, I only use eBay. Anyways, she said that she found my pictures on another website (not eBay) with a Chanel for sale and wanted to make sure it was legit. I told her not to buy from them that they were fake.

    So I go to the website and my entire listing is copied with my pictures that were even watermarked. :nuts: I guess that is how that lady found me. I know they are selling fakes since they were selling Chanels for 150.00 :confused1:. Not only is my item on there but LOTS of other items from ebay. This particular person had lots of Chanels, Chloes, and Guccis.

    I don't know if there is anything I can do since they are located in China. Please help me, I am sure many people have bought from them and have lost a lot of money since the pictures are totally off from what the customer will be receiving. I have e-mailed the individual and the company, but I doubt that will do any good. Any ideas??? :confused1:
  2. :wtf: Oh My!!! Because they are in China I dont know what you could do... This one stumps me, I never even thought about that happening. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    Im sorry this has happened to you, Im sure you feel violated and these poor people are being scammed.
  3. Posibble to post site's address?
  4. China wholesale??? :yucky:
  5. WOWW!!! Hey - maybe you should contact the site and tell them that you have contacted the Federal Trade Commission and uh....make up something official the Fair Trade & Duplication Committee of the United States and tell them that they will be contacted for stealing your pictures. If they don't cease and desist, their website was going to be removed and there would be heavy import fines. :tup::roflmfao:

  6. Very nice wording :tup:
  7. It doesn't look as though its just your pictures either - look at way the photographs have been cropped for the sunglasses - most probably all items on that site are fake -pictures have been stolen from possibly all other parties concerned. Please check out success stories on their site - looks as though this is possibly another site like eBay????
  8. Good luck with this. l think you have done the right thing by emailing the website but the pictures have been stolen by a member 'lovekitty' if you check out their feedback you will see somebody has already left negative feedback concerning Chanel bags. Unable to make the webites t&c out though as they refer to Chinese law. It is obviously ok out there for 13 year old children to purchase as long as they are supervised by an adult!!!!!:tdown:
  9. What a weird site! Oh yes, I'd love a weding gown and a new Chanel- wtf?
  10. I had the same thing happen to me. A women contacted me asking me if i was aware my bags were on a site that sold fakes. There were a ton of links to other authentic bags on ebay also. I emailed the site NUMEROUS times and they never responded to any of them. Unfortunetly the site has no phone numbers so i dont know how else to contact them...I hope you have better luck than i did..Keep us posted and good luck!
  11. I hope you didn't use your personal email account to send the communiques. They could send you viruses/trojan horses/key loggers and/or dialers in retaliation. IMHO one cannot exercise enough caution when dealing with scammers. Good Luck.
  12. Thanks everyone for your help.

    Thanks... I didn't use my personal email account. I don't want them to gain access to anything that may be linked to that email account.

    These are both wonderful.. THANKS sooo much
    Of course, I tried to give them a little chance by asking them to take it down. I guess I was being really optimistic hoping they would. All I have to say is that they crossed the path of the wrong person.... I will keep you guys updated with what happens.

    Thanks again