need help endlessly.

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  1. Hi member,
    I just purchase a kelly 32 orange clemence from reseller in HK. It has a receipt but I can't make sure it is real since I'm not living in uk. For info the bag is purchase at H store at new bond street uk. Any member please post your receipt (of course with your personal info not shown) thanks so much....
  2. If you want to determine authenticity, take a couple of good pics and then let the wonderful ladies in the Authenticate This! thread have a look.

    You cannot determine authenticity by receipt alone, because there are many fake receipts floating out there and it's easy for a fakester to get their hands on one.

    Similarly, please don't post any copy of the receipt, with or without info blacked out. Many fakesters lurk on the forum and I'd hate for them to get more info on how to make their fakes better :sick:
  3. thanks so much for the information...
  4. thanks for the info so much.. i wll post the picture but i need help to make the attached thumbnail.
  5. If you're in HK, bring it into Brandoff and ask for a quote. The Japanese supervisors onsite are very very knowlegable about Hermes and will inspect your bag carefully and give you a quote free of charge. If it's fake, they'll tell you, if it's real, they'll give you a quote. Of course, you can just say the price is too low and leave. :P

    Don't bother bringing it into Milan Station. The young teenagers working there don't know anything and they don't wear gloves when handling the bags!!

    Or just post pics on the authentication thread. That way you don't even need to leave the house and you'll have many experts from around the world to help you authenticate it. :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for the info jenyi. I know this reseller quite reputable but how come she is giving me fakes?? Huhuhuhu. Do you know the address of brandoff in hk?