Need help. dont know how to have a user photo

  1. :crybaby:I' m new. I am kooking for some to teach me how to put a phto by my name. thanks
  2. ...(tears) looking for helpful people. i love fashion and would love to share a pic of my bag..
  3. Hi there-- Look up at the top of the front page of The Purse Forum- see where it says MY CONTROL PANEL? You can do all your adding/editing there.
  4. it's called an avatar.
    Resize a picture down to 100x80 and go into your Control Panel and upload it.
  5. Do you know how to save/edit/upload pictures? If you save the picture you want as your avatar, go into "My control panel" and click on edit avatar. Then find the file in your computer- click on upload.

    Let us know!
  6. . i am so please and greatful for all u guys help. i feel very welcome and i will go update my avatar right now XD
  7. If you need assistance, email me the picture to vlad[{at}][{d0t}]com and I'll set it up for you.

  8. thanks vlad. i got it all sort out
  9. BEAUTIFUL pic!! Glad it worked