NEED HELP. do they still carry this wallet??

  1. [​IMG]

    does anyone know if the stores still carry this wallet? and how much is it and whats the name of this wallet?and is the cambon apart of the price increase?
  2. Yes , that wallet is part of the of Cambon Ligne. It is the large checkbook/wallet. It comes in black w/ white cc logo also. They are harder to find now. I don't know of any of the stores that have them. I have seen one on eBay that I thought was authentic. You would need to be very careful on eBay a lot of fake Cambon wallets on there,
  3. I got that wallet last with CC in pink interior...and the price on it went up feb I got it just in time!!!
  4. i haven't seen the white leather with black cc's in a looong time since they are being discontinued.
    if you are able to find it, i doubt the price would go up as it isn't part of the classic lignes.
  5. The price DIDNT go up as far as I saw at chanel SF today.
  6. I got one black with white CC last Oct from chicago, and saw another one last Dec from SF. Never saw the one you are looking for though
  7. Havent seen the white one around for quite some time now :shame: