Need help! Did I make the wrong decision?

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  1. I purchased my first pair of CL's. I purchased black Simple pumps 100. But now that I have been searching on here, are the 100 too tall? Do you think I would have been better to go with the 85? I don't like to wear anything too tall because my boyfriend is my same height. What do you girls think? Does anyone have a side by side comparison of the heel height?
  2. Thanks for the photos!
  3. Only you can decide if they're too tall for you. I like to 100s the best. I think they are the most visually balanced.
  4. I'm with carlinha - anything under 100 is too short for me, but it is totally a personal preference. If you feel uncomfortable and too tall then you might not wear them as much as they deserve, but only you can decide what works for you. Thank goodness we have so many options!
  5. Do you have any 4 inch shoes (that's how high the 100 are)? 85's are more like 31/2 inches. Good luck OP!
  6. 85 is slightly passing 3 inches. About 3.35 inches. Is that an ideal heel for you? 100mm is a 4 inch heel
  7. OP i have simples in both the 100 and 85s. i can stand longer in the 85s if i'm doing alot of "running around" and they are my workhorse shoes. but, you should keep what you are comfortable with because you will get tons of wear out of these pumps. good luck!!
  8. I'm short, so I'm another member of the 100mm or taller club. However, I do agree that it's a matter of preference. If it's the height issue with your DBF that worries you, I'd say wear them a couple of times around him to see what you think. I don't think you'll really be able to tell until you've actually stood in them when you're with him.
  9. thanks everyone!
  10. Did they have the 85 in stock where you purchased? Perhaps it would be an idea to try them both again, just so that you can be one hundred percent sure you have found the perfect shoe :smile:
  11. I have my Simples with a 70mm heel for practicality. All my other CLs are at least 100mm. I like having a different assortment of heel heights.
    It's up to you though if you'd like to have your simples at 100mm. I think they look great as 100s but 85s also look great. Maybe you could go check out the 85s and see what you prefer.
  12. If the difference is only gonna be like 1/2 inch, then just go with what makes YOU feel good!
    I agree with the thought that if you "think" the 100's are too tall, you prob won't wear them as much, though.....:smile: