Need help ... DH's big 40th B-day next month?

  1. Help ... my DH's 40th birthday is coming next month and I have no idea what to do. I want to do or give something special but unfortunately I'm significantly lacking in the creativity department. I would love to give him the car of his dreams but of course, I'm sort of short of funds for that. LOL I want to do something creative not too expensive. Also he keeps saying that he doesn't want a party ... do I give him one anyways? I was hoping that my tPF girls (and guys) would be able to share some of your ideas or experiences. TIA
  2. what are his hobbies and likes...activity based gifts always work well for me.
    Green fees at an exclusive course or vip tickets to a concert, something like that might work.
  3. ^twinkle.tink - That's the problem ... he doesn't like to golf and he's not the type to go to a concert. As for sport events, we don't have much around here except for hockey and that would end up a family affair since my sons love hockey and would want to come. I love him to death but he is very picky ... that's why it's so hard to think of something.
  4. May I know your budget? Does he like woodcrafts?
  5. Hmm how about renting a nice boat *if he likes them* and having a nice small party with people you're really close to on it? That's if you are near water..
    or as twinkle.tink to a game or concert that he'd love?

    How about huge tvs? if he doesn't have one he might love it for a present if he's into that stuff.
    or a nice watch? ^^

    or you could get a Massage Therpist to come to the house to help him relax nicely on his big day then followed with a sweet dinner in a special restaurant?

    or book a short trip to a nice city and stay in a spa hotel or a spa hotel in town near you? to have a romantic getaway?
  6. hmmm...does he have any hobbies? like to eat out?
  7. Is there something he always have wanted to do, but never got around to? What about flying lessons, or scuba diving or a day at a race track?
  8. passerby - Thanks for the jewellery pics but he doesn't like jewellery. He doesn't even wear his wedding ring. LOL

    cat_inluv - You have some great ideas ... I kind of liked the spa hotel idea.

    twinkle.tink - I'm definitely taking him out for dinner, I just wanted to do something extra special. That's where I have problems deciding what to do.

    maggie7 - I like your ideas ... unfortunately where we live, those options aren't readily available to us.

    Thank you ladies for all the wonderful ideas, there's a couple that I might use. Please keep writing down any other ideas you might have, I would greatly appreciate it.:flowers:
  9. He has no hobbies?
    My husband flies radio control helicopters and airplanes for a hobby so my gift giving is easy. He also builds his own computers and likes to fix his bmws. I always find out what he is eyeballing and about how much it is and give him cash to put into that 'fund'. His last birthday, I gave him $400 to add to his helicopter fund and now he has a new heli to fly. he's a happy camper. :smile:
  10. ^5stone - I asked DH what his hobbies were and he answered, "Watching movies and sleeping!" LOL

    That's why it is so difficult to buy or do anything for him, he's just so unpredictable in his likes ... it always varies.
  11. I was totally evil to my PHH on his 40th..If you look up old threads of mine..youll see why..LOL(do a search under:holy cow..)
    I had giant cow signs posted all over are front lawn by a party company..that said HOLY COW..XXX is 40 today!!!!!!!!!...with 40 little cows all over the lawn. My neighbors were crying laughing....
  12. ^I have seen that done ... one neighbor had pink flamingos all over the front lawn. LOL My DH would kill me if I did that to him and then he would get me back bad on my birthday. It would be hilarious though ...
  13. If he loves movies, you could easily do something with that...from movies, to snacks, a blanket to cuddle up on the coach with. Higher end things could be a new recliner (good for movies and sleeping ;) ), a new DVD player.

    For a more private moment you could dress like a classic candy girl or his favorit actress or character ;)