need help developing a collection

  1. Hi! I haven't really been into lv until recently (had a fling with balenciaga, but then got bored) and want to make a plan for a collection so that I can avoid too many impulse purchases.

    I currently have a damier speedy 30 and a framboise inclusion bracelet (:heart: )

    I need your suggestions to help me create my wishlist.

    Ideally I would like:

    1. something mono (thinking BH?)
    2. something damier azur (debating between saleya MM and speedy)
    3. something denim
    4. something epi (possibly a noe?)
    5. a wallet
    6. a cles
    7. a vernis agenda (framboise, pomme, or amarante)
    8. other accessories (perhaps mc wapity?)

    Just to help, I am 5 feet 9 inches and don't like really small bags. I'd like to have a mix of handheld and shoulder carry bags.

  2. 1. mono: Lockit Horizontal

    2. Azur: Speedy 30

    3. Denim: Baggy Gm in Fuschia

    4. EPI: Passy in Ivorie (or other bags in the new color)

    5. wallet: Epi Koala wallet to match the Passy bag

    6. cles: Azur

    7. agenta: amarante

    8. A bandana or Jewelry

  3. 1. Speedy 30 (mono)
    2. Saylea MM (azur)
    3. Neo Speedy in Fuschia (denim)
    4. Jasmin in Red (epi)
    5. Black MC PTI (wallet)
    6. Perfo in Orange (cles)
    7. Framboise (agenda)
    8. Black MC Wapity (accesorie)
  4. 1. BH or BV
    2. Saleya MM
    3. Denim Speedy
    4. Jasmin
    5. Multicolore French Purse
    6. Groom or Perfo (green) if you can find one
    7. framboise
    8. Azur Pochette - can be used as a cosmetic case, too
  5. 1. mono - yeah, I think the BH would be good for you! Or maybe the BV, since you're tall?
    2. damier azur - saleya!
    3. denim - baggy
    4. epi - noe! I have a petit noe and its so handy, fits everything!
    5. wallet - PTI? depends on your needs
    6. cles - perfo - fits so much! or maybe something in vernis to hang on your other bags?
    7. vernis agenda - pomme or amarante
    8. other accessories - wapity, mini pochette accessoires
  6. what color is your petit noe? I think I really want one and I've been checking them out on eBay. (they seem to go for pretty good prices, I don't think I could go retail for one)

    Everyone else, thanks so much for your suggestions. Keep them coming! they are helping me to make a list of bags to try on!
  7. mono: bh ( I think since you're tall you can carry the hor. and short people on the other hand like me, lol, look better w/ the vertical, tall people can carry both)
    azur: I would think getting another speedy is redundant since you have the ebony version, unless you're a speedy gal like myself and that's your thing. Otherwise I would get a saleya, but the MM is HUGE! They make a smaller one right?
    denim: I LOVE the neo in this style, it's tdf! baggy gm and pm are nice too, gm if you're a big bag kind of girl.
    epi: the noe and speedy are my favorites in epi, I love red, mandarin and black although yellow is nice. You are 100% right that eBay is the route here, it is ridiculously cheap on eBay one of the cheapest styles in LV to get, both mono and epi. You can easily get one for $300 in great shape especially over the summer.
    wallet: I don't do wallets in lv so I have no real recommendations. I am a small wallet person so ludlow would do for me.
    vernis agenda: framboise, this will be more affordable than pomme if you go the ebay route
    other access.: a pochette over a wapity, in whatever you think you like best, damier, azur, mono, epi. You get more bang for your buck and can go formal if you need it to. If you only need to carry a lip gloss and a credit card or some cash you can even go with a mini pochette accessories(the size that comes with the petit bucket), it's got a bronze chain that makes it look fancy imo. And it's not so expensive at all for a nice functional accessory.

    Have fun!!!
  8. 1. mono BH
    2. azur saleya MM
    3. denim pleaty or baggy PM (i'd go for fuschia)
    4. epi passy
    5. wallet - mc white koala
    6. cles - groom
    7. vernis agenda - framboise
    8. other accessory - pochette (mono or perfo)
  9. you've come to the right place!:p

    I would recomment something from SUHALI

    and definately a wapity and keepall !
  10. ooh this is fun, like vicarious thrills:

    1. mono: batinolles

    2. Azur: speedy

    3. Denim: i'm not really a denim fan

    4. EPI: canelle speedy

    5. wallet: vernis koala wallet

    6. cles: classic mono

    7. agenta: mono koala with pink inside

    8. ?
  11. I love the idea of collecting the classic shapes and fabrics. The epi noe is terrific in epi, the folds are wonderful. For the Azur, Saleya PM is close to the size of the speedy 25, you may prefer the MM. I am debating which cles, perforated is catching my interest right now - a bit sassy and larger than most. I chose the pochette MM over the MC wapity but am in love with the tiny MC design. If you want a wapity MC is too cute.
  12. ooh this is fun!

    1. something mono BH! Or Manhattan PM
    2. something damier azur- either the saleya or the speedy is fab
    3. something denim mini pleaty- so cute!
    4. something epi personally i would get a speedy in a discontinued color or an accessory- like a wallet or cles
    5. a wallet- LOVE my zippy groom but it's huge. think damier makes GREAT wallets or a vernis one which is super fun. love anything zippy.
    6. a cles for function and cuteness i say groom cles. purley function i say damier- either the ebone or the azur. for looks- vernis- pref perle.
    7. a vernis agenda (framboise, pomme, or amarante)- pomme is stunning! but i love my epi agenda.
    8. other accessories (perhaps mc wapity?) i say a trousse makeup case since it's something you don't have on here or a bandeau or keychain to dress up your bags!
  13. thanks again! I am adding several of your suggestions to my list of things to try on at LV later this week!

    regarding the epi noe, what is a good price to pay for a used one?
  14. Under your user ID: dreaming in orange. r u dreaming of a h birkin? read your sig dialogue. agree, a birkin is meant to be used and seen, hehe. okie, okie, back 2 ans OR. (Original Topic);)

    1) Manhattan GM
    2) Damier Azur Speedy 30
    3) Fuschia denim baggy PM
    4) Mandarin/Black/Ivory Speedy
    5) Suhali wallet in blue
    6) Pomme D' Amor Les Cles
    7) Framboise Agenda
    8) Suhali Plume Le Tal

    Love my list?:graucho:


    A mixture of handheld & shoulder bags.:rolleyes: