Need Help Desperately re: My Prada Dilemma!

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  1. Hi Ladies! I would love your opinions on whether or not to keep my new Prada or exchange it for another style. OK, here's the prob: bought gorgeous, very unusual Prada on sale at Neimans about a week ago. Originally $1,550, reduced 1/3. A stunning leather, black metallic so it looks like dark silver....shoulder bag with the logo on it in silver letters. I realized a couple of days ago that at the bottom of the bag, on all 4 corners, the metallic color is rubbed off. I took it back today to NM, very sad....SA (not the SA I bought it from) told me it was like that originally and that's why it was on sale. I did not notice this flaw when I bought it and i honestly believe my SA did not either - she's a honey and she could have sold me another bag if she would have noticed and pointed it out to me. They will gladly exchange it (crediting my account is out of the question...I must have a Prada lol) Should I keep this bag, which is gorgeous, no one that I have ever seen has it, metallic (still in into the summer at least), a classic, and only I will know the rubbing off is there, or should I exchange it for the new large beige linen with white leather trim shoulder/messenger bag with the embroidered Prada on the front as well as the logo triangle on one side? about $115 difference (mine being more).....I adore mine but the other one is very Prada-ish, new style too, and flawless? HELPPPPPPPPPP :confused1:
  2. Post pics of the rubbing so we can see how bad it is
  3. ohhh Jill i would love to but am picture post-challenged..and cannot ask DH to help because he is not supposed to know i got ANOTHER bag :shame:

    you really do not see the rubbing-off, its underneath where you sit the bag down, on all four corners and maybe a little bit above where bag meets floor on all four of its sides. If i could just get over it, because the purse is exquisite and in a couple of months (if not sooner) i will probably rub some of the metallic off of her accidently myself............btw, Prada did say they would send her out and "patch" her in those 4 spots, but I don't want to be parted from her for 6-8 weeks at this point in time so that is not an option (whew, nothing like being an entitled purse princess lol i have some nerve)
  4. ^If you love it THAT much..Just leave it.Id never part with my bag that long too!LOL! SO PATHETIC!
  5. The bag you have sounds GORGEOUS! The leather will age better than the linen anyway.
  6. i say keep the leather one
  7. I say keep it also, and get the further discounted price that will be coming up right after Christmas!
  8. thank you ladies!!!!!!!!!!!! i decided to keep the leather, it is so unusual and so stunning...and the scrapping of the leather can hardly be seen and can be touched up..............ohhh, extra $ off after Xmas??? does NM discount further if you already bought the item but bought it recently? (they do love me at local NM :yahoo: -- that might help)

    By the way, huge discounts at Gucci freestanding stores now, ladies! the large black floral Bouvier bag, originally $960, is now $369...............(the print was originally made for Princess Grace in 1966, as a scarf by Gucci)