Need Help Denim Cabas or Black Modern Chain Tote

  1. Ok Ladies,

    I have been extremely bad these past 2 weeks. I purchased 2 Chanel wallets, Chanel navy patent wedges, 2 Chanel bags, and other non Chanel items.

    The problem is I really want to purchase the Black Modern Chain tote E/W. However if I keep buying I will never be able to get this bag. I received a call from one of my SA's today indicating she has the denim cabas. She proceeded to tell me how cute the smaller denim bag is in comparison to the larger denim. Not to mention she just received the pearl necklace in both colors. Can she read my mind or what? Anyway should I be a good girl and save up for the Modern Chain? My heart is telling me to save but my mind is saying I need a CHANEL fix. Please help me!!:shrugs:
  2. perhaps you can sell one of your Chanel purchases and buy something else?
  3. LOL well my two bags

    Red Caviar Jumbo (New Chain)
    Black Reissue (Rare)

    I do have a pink Medallion Tote (brand new). Hmm maybe I should sell that? I took it out the bag last week because that thought ran across my mind but the pink is beautiful.
  4. On second thoughts, how about sell your non Chanel stuff?
  5. moderm chain gets my vote
  6. ^ modern chain for me as well.
  7. Thanks Ladies

    I will just hold tight to get that Modern Chain Tote!!!!
  8. Stay focused!! Maybe refund one of the wallets? or both if you already have a nice one.
  9. I vote for the modern chain tote hands down. I'm just not feeling the denim and feel the $$ could be better spent on something else.
  10. Save for the modern chain tote!
  11. If your :heart: want the modern chain then get that one!!! With so much money being spent its more worth it to get EXACTLY what you want!!!
  12. I would wait for the modern chain. If you keep getting things that you really don't need, it won't satisfy your wanting for the modern chain. Just keep telling yourself (if you get the urge to buy something else besides the modern chain) NO, I want the modern chain! And look at a picture of the modern chain. That always motvates me to save up for something I want.
  13. That's what i do too!! I have bag pictures near my laptop to prevent me from buying impulsively :p
  14. Count me in for Modern Chain too!:heart:
  15. I say forgo the denim cabas, it wasn't what you orginally wanted and i MUCHMUCHMUCH prefer the modern chain tote! STAY STRONG, girl! :lol: