Need help decorating my office!

  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    I need some decorating advice. I've been at my current job now for 6 months and my office walls are still bare! I'm an attorney at a very casual firm in So Cal. Besides my framed diplomas (that still aren't up on the walls) I have no clue what to hang. My desk accessories and bookshelf items are almost a classic, shabby chic style. I have mainly white accessories. I need help finding art/anything else to hang up on the walls. Any ideas?

    I saw really cute framed chalkboards that I thought would be fun to make, but not sure I would really utilize a chalkboard.

    Oh, I should add that no clients come into my office (we use conference rooms) so while it needs to be professional, I really don't need to worry about being formal.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA :p
  2. How about large framed photographs - you can get b&w or color photos from up and coming artists for a reasonable price at lumas and other galleries. Or enlarge and frame one of your photographs - an old coworker is an avid photographer and he had his fabulous photos in his office. Or vintage movie posters?

  3. Thank you for the suggestions!

    Anyone else have any ideas???
  4. plants?
  5. Do you like color? If so, you have some possiblities.

    Can you paint the walls? If yes, then you can bring in some color with the walls and your white desk accessories will pop against it (i.e. white framed photos on the wall, white desk lamp, white flowers, etc.)

    If not, you can insert color with greenery from plants, colorful peg/bulletin board got your wall (for notes to yourself), a piece of fabric (size of a placemat) that you put underneath your keyboard or a larger piece of fabric that you can drape over your desk (which will create pattern, texture, color, and a contrast to your white long as it isn't white)....hope this helps a bit.
  6. I'd start by framing your diplomas and bar membership certificates as nicely as you can afford and putting those on the wall. I'd fill any other blank space with photographs that share a similar theme (all B&W, all one photographer, all landscapes, etc.). I'd keep any personal photographs small and on your desk or a sideboard if you have room there. If you have any recognitions by the local bar or other legal organizations, I'd either frame those informally or pin them up somewhere in your office. It pays to keep things fairly professional here and not decorate it informally.

    Veranda is one of my favorite decorating mags - Architectural Digest also has some great photos that might give you a few ideas. They're mostly residential, not office spaces, but it's worth a look.

    Other than that, a nice plant and or modern-ish sculpture can fill any empty spaces in your office. Does the office have a decorating budget that will cover your purchases or is this out of pocket?