Need help decoding some of this article about Belen Echandia

  1. Here is the snippet of the article: I have highlighted the parts that I dont understand.

    Belen Echandia's gorgeous handbags have been going down a storm, so much so
    that they are now taking bespoke colour orders for most styles. This particular
    item is both stylish and practical, with compartments for your mobile,
    even for a wet umbrella, as well as a super-comfortable shoulder strap. It even has
    a detachable logo, but if you own one of these babies, why wouldn't you want
    people to know? It's yours ...

    I get the main idea(s) of the article but I wanted to know what those two highlighted parts meant, if anyone could tell me.

    Also, I had another question..does anyone know how much the BE Love Me bags cost at the recent sample sale?

  2. Hi Gung,

    Where did you get this article from? Can you post a link of it because I really don't understand it at all. Maybe I'm not following it.

    I have the BE Love Me in dark grey and it is one of the most gorgeous bags I've ever owned. I believe there were a couple from the sample sale for about $500 and one red one in the $250-$300 range? Can't say I remember for sure....

    Is this for an eBay listing by chance or was it from a particular website?
  3. Gung! Baby!!!

    When I read this article, it strikes me as someone who has written a very poor "translated" copy of an original article.

    And Gung! It's about time you got around to the BE lounge!!!!! :lol:
  4. I Googled the word "bespoke" and it turns out to be British English according to the wiki.


    I would take that to mean that BE is taking custom orders for the bag.

    I Google "going down a storm" as well. That phrase seems to mean something was a smashing hit, a big success.

    Here are the references: (2nd being more informative)
  5. I've heard the word "bespoke" used in reference to custom tailored men's clothing, so I would assume it here it means you can choose and order your bag colors.
  6. "Going down a storm" makes no sense. "Bespoke" does, but it is used oddly. As Contessa said, it sounds like an article poorly translated into english.
  7. going down a storm is probably just a poor translation! LM ftw :smile:
  8. Ladies -- these are all English expressions. Bespoke refers to: made to order. Going down a storm means: a big hit.
  9. True. The British use many expressions that aren't as familiar in the US.

    Actually, I've re-read it, and it makes perfect sense to me now. It's not a translation at all.
  10. i've lived here for 3 years and i've never heard 'going down a storm'!