Need help deciphering which LV item this is

  1. Allo Girls,

    I cant find a suitable thread to post this is so I am just going to ask it here, or someone kind could re-direct me.

    I was looking through my stack of LV receipts and I did not recognise one purchase.

    It was way back in September 04, and I apparently paid 745 AUD for something listed as M911316 PTE MONN. (Res.)

    Does anyone have any idea what item this is?

    Thanks. :girlsigh:
  2. ^^ it sounds like porte monnaie wallet???
  3. Hmmm, but the porte monnaie plat only costs 260 USD, a shortfall of quite a lot of money.

    Gah~ :shrugs:
  4. No there is a wallet too:yes:
  5. Do you have a photo of this particular model? I tried googling as well as but it turned up nothing. :crybaby:
  6. I don't ... what about PM tresor wallet????
  7. Hmmm doubt its the tresor, I have been using my coin purse for ages as I needed a LV wallet small enough to go into my pochette.

    How did you know its a wallet? Was it the model number of the abbreviations? I never knew what anything stood for haha, I just bought the items I wanted and shelved the receipts in one of the boxes.

  8. The Porte Monnaie's are the coin cases and most wallets...roughly translated, it means currency carrier.
  9. sounds like it could be the porte monnaie billets wallet in mc. there's the regular porte monnaie billets and then there's the poret monnaie billets viennois (sp? also its called the french purse on
  10. YES! that is the porte-monnaie, the full name of it is pochette porte-monnaie in French, but once the English translation is made, it's a lil different. Anyway, you are right, THAT IS THE WALLET! :yes:
  11. Hi Babe!!!

    Thanks for redirecting me to the right thread. I am quite a doofus at forums. :nogood:

    I know every one of my lv purchases that's why I am mystified by this strange item that popped up in my receipts.

    i dun recall buying it for any of my friends and I have been using the MC coin purse since I got it in 2003.
  12. I totally cannot remember this purchase! Haha what a scatterbrain I am.

    I guess someone must have asked me to buy it for them since I was a regular at the boutique in australia when I was studying there. :yes:
  13. Woah that sure is a big wallet! :wtf: