Need help deciding!

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  1. I need your help deciding... this is an anniversary gift and I’m torn between the Heritage Bayswater in Oak ( although not practical at the moment as I have a toddler and I doubt how much I will use this bag given it can only be carried in the crook of your arm) the small zipped Bayswater in burgundy croc print or small zipped Bayswater in oak.
  2. The Bayswater is a classic but as you mentioned, it might not be the most practical bag for your lifestyle, and I have heard some people say it can be quite heavy. I own the small zipped Bayswater in Oxblood, and whilst the leather feels different, I find this bag to be very useful. I love the look, and the zip (I love having zips on bags, it makes things more secure). You can carry this by hand, or use the removable shoulder strap.

    If you have a Mulberry store near you, I would recommend going in and trying these bags for yourself to get a better insight in what to pick!
  3. Definitely try them on-I carry the Bayswater on my shoulder all the time, but it definitely gets heavy.

    Enjoy choosing your new bag! Please let us know what you choose.
  4. How about Bayswater totes in medium and small? They are more lightweight.