Need help deciding!

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  1. Friends,

    I am probably going to pull the trigger on a Reissue 225 size black flap! Woo hoo! I love this bag!

    I've seen one in the RHW which I loved, but am wondering if I should go with GHW. I'm hesitating since I haven't seen the GHW in person, and really like the brushed metal look, which I know the RHW has.

    I have several bags I used with GHW -- i.e. LV Montaigne, and a smaller seasonal Chanel lambskin with brushed gold.

    I'm planning for this bag to be one I can use for both work, events/evenings, and on weekends when I'm in jeans/shorts and t-shirts. For that reason I'm thinking the RHW fits better? And probably mainly use it as crossbody. But not 100% sure what to do!!

    What does everyone think? GHW or RHW? Dilemmas dilemmas....

    Thank you!
  2. i just returned the 225 reissue with GHW. it is a beautiful bag, but i just wasn't in love with it. i thought i could use it in a casual setting/everyday use, but it really isn't that light. so i decided to get the red square mini instead. good luck with your decision! i vote for GHW :smile:
  3. I am in the same dilemma.. I want the bag but I can't decide between the 2 either!! yesterday was rth hardware-- today is gold.. I need to make up my mind quick too!! Which are you leaning towards? The videos I have watched on YT make them both look good. As I type this I want gold!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I'm so glad to hear you are going through the same dilemma! I have seen more YT videos of the bag with GHW, not as many with RHW. I was really thinking RHW but last night it was GHW !!!

    I wear both silver and gold jewelry... I just wonder if the gold won't look as casual when I'm running errands on the weekend?

    Let me know what you end up leaning towards!!!:smile:
  5. I'd go with the RHW. One really love that combination especially if you are planning to use the bag casually as well. To me the gold is dressier, plus it sounds like you have a lot of gold hardware bags already. Good luck deciding, you really can't make a bad choice.
  6. I have the 225 in rhw and love it. Personally, I feel the ghw is dressier and most days I'm pretty casual and I think the rhw keeps it understated. Just my opinion. It is by far my most loved and used Chanel bag. You can't go wrong with either one.
  7. I have Reissues with gold (black aged calf), silver (black metallic and pink degrade lamb) and ruthenium (medium/dark gold aged calf) hardware. I feel that black aged calf goes best with gold hardware. It gives it more of a "pop" against the black aged calfskin and it's IMO the most classic combination. Good luck with you decision :smile:.
    Whatever you decide, I'm sure you won't regret it. The Reissue is, to me, Chanel's most beautiful and classic bag.
  8. Definitely gold hardware!! I'm biased because I have it in a 226 size. Seriously, the gold looks amazing with the reissue.
  9. I vote for RHW =)

    I really adore the GHW look, but somehow I feel that GHW doesn't ROCK against my skin color (i'm more yellow toned) haha, and yup, RHW indeed looks better!

    RHW gets lesser regrets than GHW. That's my observation.
  10. rhw! I have both but I use the one with rhw much more
    I love how it's under the radar:smile:
    (I only use the one with ghw for evening/ dressier occasions...)
    but u can't go wrong with either!

  11. Do you happen to have a modeling shot with the RHW ? Thanks in advance!!
  12. I would vote for GHW, I think the pop against the aged black calfskin is to die for. And I would rock that look with everything from stilettos to yoga pants. :smile:

    That said - if pairing something dressy with casual clothes is not something you'd feel comfortable with, then RHW would be your best bet.

    Congrats in advance! I'm sure you will love it.
  13. Thanks to everyone for their responses!!!
  14. I just ordered the black reissue225 with the gold hw. I hope I made the right choice but I think the black pops more with gold . I really don't see it as "too dressy" for doing my normal life stuff and I love the distressed look. I plan to rock her at the grocery store!!!!!!!!
  15. That's great! I'm so glad you ordered the GHW! I'm sure you'll love it! Right now I"m leaning towards the RHW, but not 100% sure. I love the understated look of the RHW but also love how the GHW makes the black pop. Would love to see photos of yours once you get it!