Need help deciding .

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  1. I want a sapphire bag but don't know which one.

    Sapphire selma
    Sapphire dressy
    Sapphire n/s Hamilton
  2. Selma! (That way I can admire yours!) lol

  3. I own it already 😁😁 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396403875.011627.jpg but I saw the other 2 and wanted them too
  4. Drooolllllllll, gosh that is gorgeous! I would keep that selma in a heartbeat! That's my next bag I want! Lol

  5. I love it too but I feel like having the dressy or Hamilton .. Either way the selma I got at Nordstrom for $213
  6. Did you take the tags off? That's a good deal. Better than the current price on the Hamilton or Dressy. I would keep it.
  7. Another vote for keeping the Selma!

  8. Not yet .
  9. My vote is for the Selma. I think the saturation of color with the size of the Selma is gorgeous.

    (Personally, I'd love to find an EW Hamilton in Sapphire.)

  10. Guess what Macy's will add it soon it's showing online
  11. I say keep and get them all!!!:devil:
  12. I vote Selma, but I looooove shoot get all three.
  13. Ladies idk if I'm doing right or not just ordered sapphire dressy and selling selma ? Did I do right ?
  14. No one can decide that but you. I'm sure you got a good deal on it, but was it as good of a deal as the Selma?

  15. Got 20%+20%