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  1. I had my eye on a nudeish color classic city but I can only find it at Neiman Marcus and was told it was a 2013 color.

    My problem is that I want to buy it from Nordstrom because of their customer service and their willingness to exchange it if I find something wrong with it but they only have this season's colors. Does anyone know about the customer service at NM and the Balenciaga store? So I can either get the nude color at NM or a different color at nordys or balenciaga. What should I do!!
  2. I have purchased 3 of my Bbags at NM, I found a SA that I like for the first two, she was very helpful. The 3rd was an online purchase and that was kind of a nightmare; the bag became back ordered days after I ordered it, I had to track down one in store myself, shipping was delayed (Fedex was at fault here). They have a generous return policy and free shipping, so that is a plus.