Need Help deciding!!!

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  1. Ok so awhile back I sold my speedy 30 in ebene due to peeling handles and recently purchased the speedy 30 in monogram to replace it. Now I am wanting slgs to go with it but I do not want them all in the same print if that makes sense. I just purchased the cles in the damier ebene but I havent used it yet but last night I discovered that they have the mini pochette and I am a sucker for wristlet that I can throw my cards and phone in and go:smile: So I was thinking about getting the mini pochette in the damier ebene since I will be using it non stop and then return the cles for either the damier ebene or the damier azur or maybe even the monogram. I have always wanted a slg in azur but not sure how they will hold up. What do you guys think?
  2. I'm not a fan of azur accessories - because any DE bags with red lining will rub against the azur and transfer colour.

    Go for mono and DE.
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    I think the pochette is more functional than the cles for what you mentioned your needs are, and in that case, totally go for it! I think the Damier Ebene print looks great with monogram, and I even like the Multicolore Black in a SLG to coordinate with the monogram. I have no experience with Damier Azur since my vintage bag is monogram and I do not have even have the Damier Ebene bag I'm saving for yet.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I havent even thought of the multicolor until you mentioned it :smile: