Need help deciding!!!!!

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  1. Going to Edinburgh next week, and as of right now, the exchange rate is in my favor so thinking about stopping by lv. It would be my biggest purchase in a while (and the last for a while) so I must choose carefully!!!

    Budget is no more than £600 so thinking...

    DE Neverfull GM
    DE neverfull MM (though think this might be too small)
    DE speedy 30 (not sure of price) and SLG in mono?

    Already have (and love) Josephine mono wallet in rouge. I had a mono neverfull but didn't love the mono. Too much for me in that size.

    A Neverfull makes sense to me - could always use a new work tote but... Just want to make sure.

    My day to day bag is a balenciaga work, if that helps.
  2. DE NF GM- i have it and love it, great bag and so useful
  3. I have both speedy 30 in DE and DE Neverfull in GM also. I cant say how much both of these bags get used. I love being carefree with my bags and the fact that they look the same and wont darken :smile:
  4. Thanks!! My mind is saying Neverfull, my heart is saying Allllllll of them :graucho:
  5. nf gm
  6. NF GM, have it and I love it. It's not that big imo! Good luck deciding :flowers:
  7. Nf mm. Have 3! Love it! Used it a lot! Have 2 kids. Sometimes my stuff is on the bottom and jackets ie something else for the kids on top.
    That said, I must say I like the look uncinched, so GM was never an option for me , way too big! Cinched I love GM
  8. speedy!
  9. Speedy & SLG!
  10. Speedy and slg
  11. Speedy
  12. Thanks all! Not sure why this was moved?
  13. Speedy! It's a classic!
  14. I have the NF GM In DE and i love it. It doeant look big when cinched. And it can be used as a travel work gym bag as well. Im only 5'2" and its just a perfect and functional size. Hope this helps :smile:
  15. I love the Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene.