need help deciding

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  1. If you really want the shoes now, you should get them now. The shoes don't stay around each season like the Damier Speedy will.
  2. I think a bags more practical than shoes (No wonder I scored high maintenance in that quiz thing...) So I'd go for the damier speedy, I think you'd use it more than shoes that you would probably wear on occasion!

    Good luck deciding, hopefully both will find a way of coming to you!
  3. I agree with lvbabydoll :yes:
  4. I agree that you will get more use out of the bag, but that if you want the shoes you have to act now, but overall?
    speedy. you will never grow out of it. one day, those shoes might be 'a bit much', maybe as soon as next winter. plus, the damier has never looked better! You will be quite unique with that bag in hand.
  5. depends...are u more obsessed with shoes or bags?
    for me, bags: so i vote speedy
  6. the shoes...the bag will be around for a while!
  7. Shoes! :yes:
  8. Damier Speedy 30!!! Go for it!
  9. i'd go for the bag!
  10. I would go for the Speedy - I know LV Shoes are so beautiful - but I think you might have the Speedy Longer - and always have the Speedy to use with different outfits!!!
  11. Damier Speedy vote here!!!
  12. damier speedy!
  13. speedy!
  14. Damier Speedy:yes: