Need help deciding...

  1. I have the Grenat since thursday and on top of the problem that I have with the zippers, I have noticed the following things:
    - It's very wrinkled and floopy
    - It tends to keel over
    - It's a little shinier than other colours I've seen.

    Now, I have seen fashion_junky's blue Paddy and it looks a lot nicer than mine.

    Do you think I should return my Grenat and get the Jean? Is there a way to smooth out the paddy? Do you think I should take another colour?
  2. If you're not completely happy you should return it! fashion_junky's paddy is GORGEOUS.
  3. I actually PREFER a more-wrinkly, slouchy bag over a stiff, smooth one. I don't know what you mean by shiny though... my Grenat was definitely not shiny. All in all, if you have doubts, you don't love it (says Ms. Indecisive).
  4. I have to say that the blue jean/jeans moyen color is gorgeous in person. But so is the grenat. If you sleep on it and still aren't sure, I say go with the blue. If you don't love the grenat now, you probably won't later. The blue is lovely with jeans, too.
  5. Ummm, actually, I do like the Grenat but I have this strange "longing" for the pale blue... as it would go with everything.