Need help deciding . . .

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  1. Thought I was in the clear until I walked into the boutique and saw the most awesome bag . . . the Brea MM in the Dark Cherry - OMG, I am beside myself with the beauty. The size is absolutely perfect and it's a shoulder bag as well as tote AND it has flat rather than rolled handles AND it has a zip pouch inside. Ahhhh yes! The dilemma is . . . while I am dying for one with a vernis/vachetta combination I just don't know how it will look down the road. I'm very careful with handbags, I guess I'm just afraid of some of the dirty dark brown handles I see on EBay . . . and cannot imagine such a lovely piece looking like that.

    Thoughts anyone???:nuts:
  2. If your're careful, you will be fine. I don't have the Brea but have an Azur 30 for two years now, yes the handles are darker but definately wouldn't describe them as "dirty". Yes, some of the ones seen on Ebay are awful but don't let it put you off!
  3. Thanks PP, I guess I'm just thinking she is sooo gorgeous but I have my doubts about spending that much on something that cannot go out in the rain without getting spotted and gets soiled easily from hand oils. But I'm beginning to think you just have to be careful. I had one with a lot of vachetta before and opted against it quickly. This one doesn't have a ton but it will still get spotted. She looks so nice as is - just not sure how the dark will look over time. . . I see you have the Galiera GM on your wish list. Someone wrote me wanting to trade a bag for a new one of those, let me know if interested and I can put you in touch.
  4. Which do you ladies like better - the Brea MM in Dark Cherry (not yet on websi8te) or the Pont Neuf PM in Cassis. Can anyone help????
  5. I prefer the Brea MM! I wouldn't worry so much about the vachetta as it is very minimal.
  6. Brea MM it's gorgeous
  7. Brea MM
  8. i have the Brea mm in noir and itn is heavy and the shoulder strap cuts into your shoulder and the flat handle are not comfortable like rolled ones, but she is cute ! I am concidering selling her already...go with vernis and vachetta
  9. I would go for the Brea.

    Also, with the vachetta, it is actually easy to keep clean. The ones you see on Ebay are usually being sold by people who do not know how to clean them. Just use baby wipes and you will be fine. I've had my Speedy 25 for about 4 years now, and it still doesn't look dirty. My Speedy 35 is almost 2 years old, and also looks clean.
  10. Any particular brand of baby wipes; I once read this but have been too scared to try it? The Brea has minimal vachetta but I would hate to ruin it. I tend to wear flat straps better than rolled and just love the look of the dark cherry bag which is not yet shown on the website. It is stunning!! I don't find it quite as noticeable as the red one on the web site so at times it looks black and then brown. It is fabulous. I just want it to be usable and stay nice for a long time. I tend to keep my handbags in terrific condition simply because I treasure them and you never know when you might want to part with one. Let me know about the wipes please.:smile:
  11. do you think the EPI leather is heavier than the vernis - it seems to be. It's funny because I have small hands and the flat handles are my very favorite. it took me forever to get used to the rolled ones. If they are larger, I simply can't do it so I was thrilled when I saw this. One thing I do know is that LV's have to almost tenderize compared to the fake ones as far as the leather goes, but I guess that means they'll be around for years!