need help deciding!


what should i get

  1. charms cles in taupe

  2. charms cles in white

  3. no save your money for something else

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  1. Theres so many pieces that I still need to get before the year ends! But I can only allow myself one more piece this year. Please help me decide what color to get : Charms cles in taupe or white. Or should I not bother and get something else? :sad:
  2. honestly, they are super cute but I would put my $$$ towards a bag!
  3. ^^ ITA! Although they ARE LE and everything...meh! I'd buy something else!
  4. If you really really love it, then go for it. Otherwise wait for something else :yes:
  5. OK, I have had this same debate with myself. Want one, very pretty, LE and yet quite $$ for the price of a small accessory.
    I love all three colors.
    What other bags do you own and from what lines? I wonder whether the white or the taupe would look better with your current bags.
    I'm leaning towards the white as it is more unique. It will stand out against mono or Damier bags better IMO.
    Let us know your might help me make mine.
    Do you know how limited the brown and the white are? I need some more time to make my decision....:sweatdrop: :P
  6. I'm not that into accessories so I would rather save my money and spend it on bags
  7. Put it toward a rockin new bag!
  8. Yea, I went to the Saks on Rodeo Drive and they said that white is not that popular. So I still have time to make my decision however, Ive been thinking about this cles on and off since its release. If I dont think about it its ok, but then I see someone using it IRL and Im in love with it all over again. :hysteric:
  9. Thanks everyone for being the voice of reason. I have been holding off sooo LONG and I know I should get a bag instead. Must think some more... :graucho:
  10. good decision!
  11. it's not really worth it. the vinyl makes it look cheap and tacky :blah:
  12. IRL it does not look cheap and tacky. It looks very elegant. But if I were you, I would save the money toward a bag.
  13. I agree, I think it looks very ellegant. The good think is thatit is a limited edition. But if have been saving for a bag, then get the bag.
  14. I have it in white and love it...VERY Classy!

  15. I agree, it would seem like it would be tacky. However I have seen this IRL on 3 occassions and everytime its like :love: I cant stop staring. :shame:

    When you use your charms cles does it get dirty? TIA