Need help deciding


First of baby Paddy??

  1. Balenciaga First in Marron

  2. Chloe Baby Paddington in Chocolate

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  1. Ok well I'm pretty ticked off at myself for missing out on the 50% off Paddingtons at NAP. I really wanted the tabacco. So now I need to decided because it looks like I'm gonna pay retail either the Balenciaga first in Marron or Baby Paddy in Chocolate. Which one will I be the least likley to tire of, and which won't go out of style?
  2. First, OMG, who is that CUTE, CUTE baby????????? :love:

    Second, why don't you try to wait and see if more great sales come along in December? You don't want to be kicking yourself a second time if the paddy goes on sale in just over a month...

    Third, if you must buy it now, I vote for the Balenciaga me it's more classic...but that's just me!

    Good luck!!!!!!! :yes:
  3. Thanks! She is my daughter:smile: , in her koala bear costume for halloween. I know I should wait, but I am feeling impatient right now. I was thinking that the First might become more of a classic, But do they really go on sale? I was going to order from Aloharag, so no tax or shipping charges.
  4. I would vote for the first.

    I agree with sharbear if its an impulse purchase I would wait for which every bag I really want!