Need help deciding...

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  1. So I need help deciding which LV bag I should get next. I already have a NF MM and would prefer a another big bag that's easy to get in/out of since I'm running around most of the time with my 2 year old. Anyway, my choices are: Palermo PM, Stresa PM, or the Cabas Mezzo. Any thoughts?
  2. I'd say Cabas! It seems friendliest for for moms! Angelina Jolie uses hers a lot!
  3. i say palermo, you can wear is so many ways and also looks different to your nf, i think cabas is too similar and stresa will be hassle with little children( all that vachetta on the buckle!!)
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I am a little worried about the vachetta on the Stresa.
  5. palermo ;)
  6. galliera!!!
  7. i like the cabas mezzo but thhe problem is the vachetta on the bottom ,
  8. Of the three, I'd get the Palermo PM. Stresa would be second choice. Good Luck
  9. Palermo! The vache on the bottom of the Mezzo is a nightmare.
  10. Palermo
  11. Palermo or as bejwl always says--GALLIERA!!
  12. palermo
  13. Palermo...stylish...versatile...:biggrin:
  14. Stresa PM (the buckle may be a hassle though)
  15. Palermo definitely!! It looks so pretty!