Need help deciding......

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Which one should I get in place of my Carly??

  1. Magenta Madeline (Fun, but is it practical??)

  2. Medium Carly in Khaki/ Turquoise Patent (Beautiful, but can I trust signature again?)

  3. Carly in Brown Leather (practical but is it boring?)

  4. Carly in Khaki/Platinum (Again, Beautiful, but can I trust signature again?)

  5. Something else

  6. 2 of above (please specify)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am sooo fickle! Well I guess you can say picky. I had to turn in my khaki/chambray carly because it was tearing. If you saw my other post I got a Slim Carly in blue. Well I am not liking it. SO I need help with a decision. I loved my carly but part of me is afraid of signature again. The part of my that wants a carly is because its practical and comfy. I have 2 practical bags already. Okay so I narrowed down my choices....

    Madeline in Magenta

    Carly in Khaki/Turquoise Patent

    Carly in Brown Leather

    Carly in Khaki/Platinum
    11554.jpg Turquoise Carly 11867.jpg Brown Leather Carly 10615.jpg Platnum Carly 10619.jpg
  2. IMHO, it seems as though you like your bags to be comfortable, which I myself agree as well... but you said that you returned your slim carly in blue and you had other problems with your carly tearing as well... so it seems that maybe you should venture out beyond the carly and get something else? a gigi tote possibly? these seem like very comfortable yet stylish bags or how about a leigh? I'm not sure what size you are looking for, but these bags I think would work as well.... IDK, I just threw some ideas out??
  3. I voted for the khaki/platinum. I am not a Carly fan personally, but if you like the comfort of the bag, but want something a little kicky, I like that bag. The khaki/plat will go with almost anything. On the other hand, a Bleecker leather duffle would also be nice, comfortable, classic, and comes in several colors. :idea:
  4. I voted 2 of the above - either choc brown Carly (boring - no way!!! That is one sexy leather bag! Love mine) or maybe something else. If you are looking for comfort, do you have an ergo yet? Everyone loves the hobos, I prefer the totes, but they are very easy wear,comfortable bags.
  5. I voted for Carly in brown leather. In 5 years it will still look timeless and beautiful. If it looks too plain for you, you can dress it up with charms and scarves. The brown leather Carly is my dream bag!
  6. I say either a siggy Carly or the Chocolate leather Carly.. if you do have an issue with the siggy again you know Coach will stand behind it.. I am partial because I have a siggy Carly that I LOVE.. the chocolate leather is also really nice and you wouldn't have to worry about that at all. Let us know what you decide!!! :tup:
  7. I voted for something else. I almost voted brown leather carly. I don't own a carly so I'm not really familiar with them.
  8. Definately the leather Carly!!:tup: And it's CHOCOLATE not brown. Chocolate is YUMMY!! Brown is so...well brown.:P That bag would look so good on you and would feel so comfortable!
  9. Of all the choices you gave, I would definitely say the chocolate carly. I finally tried one, and I have to say it is a beautiful bag. The chocolate leather actually looks edible!:love:
  10. I love the Carly Turq. and Carly Platinum those are both very pretty. Siggy has never frayed for me so maybe it was just a fluke.
  11. GOSH, now I am more confused as ever!
  12. Carly Khaki w/ Turq patent
    For sure!!
  13. I say go for the choco Carly, if you don't mind a heavier bag. I'd love one for myself too.
  14. Is the leather heavier than the signature????????
  15. I voted Carley in leather...chocolate of course LOL It most certainly won't be boring if you add a fun little keychain on it. I think the style is wonderful in the Carly's and they are so roomy to hold lots of stuff! Honestly I'm pretty sure that will be my next buy, just not sure of color yet!:love: