Need help deciding

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  1. :sweatdrop: So - I have posted in the outlet section the new bags they have in.
    I am torn between the beige or gray/white romantique trotter flap bag with the bow and no heart locket. Now as much as I like the purse I feel like I am old ( I turn 30 end of the year). I don't know if I should get the trotter flap bag or something else. Any suggestions?? If I don't get the Romantique I am thinking about the Madeleine PM in black from LV. Understandably these are very different styles..
    I am also hoping someone can tell me the retail value of the romantique trotter or anything else in that line that they suggest? And if not the romantique what is another good Dior line??
  2. I am 31 and i love my mini trotter romantique! and im not ashamed to carry it even though it looks girly:love:

    that said, I think you only can make a choice between the colours, since you know what is in your wardrobe and are able to choose which trotter will fit it best, if you decide to get it.

    About the retail prices, diabro still has some romantique with regular pricing check this out

    If you wanna stick with Dior, why not go through

    Im sure you will find something you like ...and who knows maybe it too will be in the outlets! good luck :flowers:
  3. how big is the mini trotter? I thought it was a medium size bag?
  4. here is my baby, i am not sure of measurements :love:
    diorfamily.JPG minitrotter.JPG
  5. that's soooo cute!!!!
    Is that the same size one that I posted on the outlet page??
    Any chance you can tell me comparatively size wise to which purse?
    the romantique one that I am looking it a medium size one - like bigger than an LV recital? Or same size as the Dior Satin Flight bag? How much bigger is it??
    Sorry for so many questions.
  6. Im afraid i cant help you a lot - if you look at diabro again they have all the measurements and Im sure you can compare with pics from the outlets if its the same model.

    Mine is mini which is really small just for a wallet and mobile - I posted the pic next to regular gaucho tote, maybe that would help you ( tote measurements on diabro as well ) . Unfortunately the mini trotter is packed away in storage at the moment so cant measure it for you.
  7. no problem at all!!
    I saw the dimensions on the site - but I still can't picture it - so I am trying to find a visual where I do know the dimensions in real life.
    I appreciate all your help!! Any idea - off topic - if the continental Dior is a new line or last season (or which season is it from??) I saw the wallet on the web site but didn't see any handbags so I am wondering..
  8. will try and find pics bear with me....

    what i usually do, I grab a bag that i already have and a measuring tape and i check the measurements against the bag i hold in my kind of idea.

    what continental Dior? could you post link please ? :flowers:
  9. check those out ..second pic courtesy of our lovely zerodross :flowers:
    78401197_o.jpg romantique04.jpg
  10. oh ok
    I really appreciate all the helpful links you sent me and pics to help me better understand.
  11. no problem hun! :flowers:wish i had more modelling pics ! :sad:
  12. you have helped a lot - it is greatly appreciated!!