Need Help Deciding:

  1. Hi-

    I need help making a decision:

    it is between the Ramona in the Navy Drummed Leather or the Black?

    Ihave been looking for a blue bag, but originally I wanted a brighter blue. However, Navy can be worn in the summer too. But I do not have a Black Ramona and thought it would be a good basic.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I think the Navy blue one is gorgeous!
  3. I agree....Navy is so huge right now, you can get a black bag anytime. Go for the Navy, it's beautiful! :heart:
  4. Navy!!! :tup:It's not a "regular" color. I agree with Stinker - somewhere out there - there will always be a pretty black bag. But not all Navys will come as classy as Choos can.
  5. I have not seen a navy drummed leather bag. I have only seen navy in the regular calf. Where did you see this?
  6. I bought a navy bag last year when I counldn't find it in black. But I am so happy I got the navy!!! It looks amazing with jeans and well as with so many other colors.
  7. I would go for the Navy:yahoo::choochoo::choochoo:
  8. ok guys Navy it is! Thanks!
  9. Definately NAVY! Wow, gorgeous...:yahoo: