Need help deciding!

  1. My first ever Coach bag was the Daphne 6047. I ended up selling it because I really needed something bigger. So, I sold her :sad: I now regret it because I find myself drawn to every auction I see of her. If I couldn't have her, I wanted one like her and fell in love with the Black and White signature carryall 6366. Which one should I get????? I want he Daphne back, but I am drawn to the other. :confused1: Has anyone had either?
  2. Is the sig carryall 6366 bigger than the Daphne? If so, I'd say go for that one. You said you got rid of the Daphne because you needed a bigger bag. right?
  3. I have the carryall #6366 and it's really a great bag. It's a great size (for me anyway) and comfortable to wear. Never had the Daphne so I can't compare them.

  4. Would you say the 6366 is a small bag? It looks like it has the same room that the Daphne has.
    I am torn because I really did like the Daphne, but I also like the style of the 6366. I now have my "bigger" bag, so that is why I am looking hard at possibly getting my baby back!
  5. I just looked at some Daphne's on eBay and they look larger than the 6366 carryall. I'd say the carryall is pretty close to the medium carly in size (the carryall may be a tad bit smaller). I have both and can fit the same amount of stuff in it. If you'd like, I can post some modeling pictures of the carryall once I get home from work.
  6. if you have a bigger bag now, then you need to get your Daphne back!:yes: Sounds like you really miss that bag and soon they will be hard to find if it isn't already. I'd get your girl back!!!:tup: