Need help deciding.

  1. Should I go for the mono trouville, mono beverly mm, mono speedy 30 (although I do have the MC speedy in black). I want a basic, go with everything mono handheld bag. Any other suggestions are welcome and appreciated!!
  2. Since you already have a MC Speedy, get the Trouville.
  3. I was really leaning towards either that or the beverly, but I know the beverly can be worn on the shoulder too.

    Does anyone have the shoulder drop on the Beverly??
  4. Mono Speedy 30 - classic, and gorgeous. It really doesn't look anything like the MC speedy - different shape, etc. It holds much more than the Trouville (I had one and sold it because I couldn't fit all my things in it). I just can't warm up to the Beverly because it's so wide under the armpit (if that makes sense - LOL!)
  5. I say you can't go wrong with the classic speedy. The trouville is nice, I have one in white MC but the handles are short, so for me it's more handheld and I can't pack it like I can the speedy.
  6. I prefer Beverly. My mum is actually thinking about buying it and the Eugenie wallet.