Need help deciding ....!!!

  1. got my damier papillon 30...and i would like to get a coin purse that goes with my papillon

    which one do you guess think would look better on my papillon30?
    1. monogram round coin purse
    2. monogram key&change holder
    3. damier ebony key&change holder
    4. damier azur key&change holder
    5. vernis key&change holder
    6. other
  2. Vernis--in POMME. I love how that looks on damier! Also, I like contrast, so the rectangle cles with the cylinder style of the pap looks great!
  3. I don't like to mixe, and I don't like contrasts - so I would go for a Damier purse, maybe the Ludlow.
  4. Agree with Alexis77^^, go with Vernis Pomme. It was made for Damier!!
  5. 3. damier ebony key&change holder
  6. Congrats on the new bag. I would choose the damier ebony key & change holder. I like a matched set for this bag. It'll look really put together.
  7. POMME vernis!
  8. damier ebone key and change holder
  9. The damier ebene key & change holder would be great!
  10. another most of just use that key&change as a decoration or u really use it to put ur coins or keys? coz the key&change holder looks like it can't hold too much change. but i am not sure if it's really like that. thx

  11. I also choose damier ebone key and change holder! :love:

    It can fit in my slim mobile phone, some cards, coins & keys !! :tup:
  12. For me it's only for keys or as a decoration, it's too small for coins for me. That's why I recommended the Ludlow Wallet. It's small and very nice, but it holds a lot.:tup:
  13. How with MC White Cles or Vernis Cles in pomme, amarante or framboise?
  14. Maybe you should bring up some pics to compare.
  15. Vernis Cles in Pomme, Framboise (if you can find one), or Amarante. Any one of those would look great. I have one in Pomme. I'm not one for having a cles as decoration, so I use mine for credit cards and small store cards. I am not able to fit keys inside, though.