Need help deciding!!!

  1. OK ladies I need some major help. I've been doing a little spring cleaning in the closet. Sadly I sold several H purses to make room for others. It was selfish of me if I kept ones I havent been using ...right? So some went bye bye. Now here is my problem....DH recieved a call from our SA. She has several Birkins for me. NONE are exotics. So here is a list:

    Raisin Togo 35cm w/PH
    Black Togo 35cm w/PH
    Raisin boxcalf 30cm w/PH
    Black boxcalf 35cm w/PH
    Blue Jean Epsom 35cm w/PH

    I'm thinking something boxcalf. I sold my Black Togo 35cm w/GH and my Blue Jean Togo 35cm w/PH. But now I'm completely regretting it! So I was thinking Black boxcalf...what do you think?
  2. Great to hear about such great choices even though non-exotics. Lucky you (sincerely):tup:
    Black boxcalf 35cm w/PH - feels sooo good to even think about it hurts:love:
  3. Wow congrats more bags coming:heart:! It's okay dear you'll get more H bags later. I vote for Black box and raisin box. Happy thanksgiving to you SP!
  4. Well can you just have them all? If not I would love Box... But could you just take them all? So lucky to have so many options! By the way does the size make a difference? Good luck!
  5. ooohhh, definitely raisin box!
  6. Black boxcalf 35cm w/PH would be my choice! Good luck with your decision!x
  7. Glad to hear that boxcalf is coming back!!
    I think Black boxcalf is the way to go!!
  8. ^^ black box for you....

    raisin box for me???????
  9. Is it coming back? I didn't know it went away, but if so I'm glad it's back too. I love box, and chamonix too. Does "coming back" mean they're making more of it, or just that more people seem to want it?
    As for the lucky pfer w/the choice, it's a really tough one. Box raisin sounds dramatic fabulous, if that's your sort of thing. good luck.
  10. Black boxcalf 35cm w/PH
    Raisin boxcalf 30cm w/PH


    Black boxcalf 35cm w/PH
    Raisin Togo 35cm w/PH
  11. Black box or raisin togo.
  12. Raisin, in either leather, I think would be very yummy! Lucky gal, you have so many choices!
  13. You can get me one of the Raisins if you're feeling like Santa at all! :smile:

    Have you been only wanting exotics? If so, why not wait it out? If not, there are some yummy choices on there.
  14. Raisin box!!
  15. I say buy both box calf and raisin!