need help deciding.....

  1. Okay, I am returning my denim coco cabas tomorrow so i could afford to purchase a jumbo flap before the price increase. Should i go with the jumbo caviar or jumbo patent? TIA
  2. I prefer the jumbo caviar because it is more classic and timeless but this is just my own personal preference and opinion! What are you leaning towrads at the moment?
  3. That's a tough choice... both caviar and patent are so pretty and timeless IMO. But if I really had to choose i'd go with the caviar.
  4. caviar!!!!! you'll keep && use it foreverrrrrrr :tup:
  5. actually, i really want the caviar, but the other day i saw the patent one and OMG!!i was just staring at it.. :lol:
  6. Caviar is worth it..
  7. oohtough one. I have a jumbo patent navy and a jumbo beige them both. Not sure what I'd do ifI could only keep once. I'd pick the one that will be the most versatile in your wardrobe. Patent ones tend to be harder go get a hold of later if you can afford to get both at some may want to consider the patent.
  8. Caviar:tup:
  9. Jumbo Caviar. Personally, I dont really like patent on flaps.
  10. personally i would go for the caviar. but i think u should follow your heart, if u think u're going to use more if it's the patent, don't isten to us.
    u're the one who's going to carry that bag and not us :yes:
  11. I was going to suggest the same too!:yes:
  12. They are both great but I would pick the caviar.
  13. I'm partial to the caviar - at least it's leather and can will withstand the test of time...I feel that the patent bags are overpriced, even if it is chanel (i apologize in advance to all the patent lovers.. this is just my opinion)
  14. The patent is gorgeous, but I would say the caviar as it is more versatile.
  15. thanks guys for your help!!! I fell in love with patent when i saw it a while ago, but... i saw the white caviar too!!! and OMG now i really can't decide.. and i love the timeless tote too in white... this is so hard...