Need help deciding

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  1. Ok - need your input. Going to get my first ever chanel bag (classic jumbo caviar flap in black) BUT I can't decide what colo hardware to get! what should I get silver or gold? As of now i'm leaning towards silver since I have a black MJ bag with gold hardware already, but...I'm wondering does the silver make the black 'pop' still, whihc one would YOU get? Need help deciding please! Thanks!
  2. gold would definitely pop! trust me on that :smile: i have a reissue 227 in gold h/w and it is totally TDF! i love the entire look and i get compliments everywhere i go with her!

    if you have a bag with gold h/w already, IMHO, i suggest you should take the silver. besides, silver is easier to match than the gold, and it's a more casual color. gold can be quite dressy. it's entirely up to you, either way you still get a fab TDF jumbo :smile:

  3. If you already have the bag with the gold hw I would say go for silver as well. What kind of jewelry do you normally wear?
  4. Both are really beautiful. Usually people naturally prefer one over the other.

    The silver definitely pops against the black. I prefer gold but I am that way with jewelry as well. You can't make a wrong choice!
  5. i like the silver hardware more......good luck on deciding!
  6. i love the silver... it makes it alot more modern!
  7. Silver.
  8. Silver!!!
  9. gold!!! its too pretty! :heart:
  10. My vote goes to SILVER. You will love the black and silver combination!
  11. gold - i have the jumbo with the black/gold combo and i love it
  12. While I like silver, I think gold really makes the bag "pop" a lot more, gives it the "wow" factor. At least that's what I think about my black reissue w gold hw.
  13. I love the gold hardware with the black. Well, I actually love the gold hardware on any of their bags ;)
  14. IMO I think the one with the silver hardware. I saw one in NM yesturday and I now what to get the jumbo too. Love it. Good luck
  15. I LOVE silver hardware. Gold is nice, but my preference has always been silver.