need help deciding

  1. I want either a monogram or damier bag. I want a decent size that would be good for school and shopping on the weekend. (not toooo pricey either, like under 800 if possible)

    I was look at the speedy 30 and although I love it, I think I would rather something I could throw on my shoulder. Should I wait for the damier neverfull to come out being the monogram had problems?
    Any other suggestions?
  2. Well here are some things to consider:

    DO you want something you can wear rain or shine?? If so, then Damier is better for you!

    Do you want the iconic monogram canvas and don't care about logos, etc.? If so, then mono is better for you!

    Personally with Damier you could get a Saleya....but I honestly would recommend the workhorse of shoulder bags: The Monogram Batignolles Horizontal (or Vertical)!! Not flimsy...holds a ton! Fantastic bag!
  3. BH or Damier Neverfull (when released) are under $800 I think. BH seems kind of sturdier. i am not a big fan of the mono neverfull
  4. I will tell you to get a monogram mini lin because it is softer then the monogram canvas and damier canvas you can also carry that over your shoulder with two boys I do tat all the time. And it is 675 dollars and maybe with the rest of the money you can also get a matching key holder.
  5. Batignolles Horizontal
  6. Yes, go for Neverful MM. Actually, I didn't like Mono too much unless with unique styles such Mizi, Leonor or Manhattan but since I saw my friend carried her Neverful MM, I'm falling in love and the good new, the price is almost similiar with Mono Speedy :smile:
  7. i would go with neverfull or BH.
  8. My suggestion is Damier Saleya.