Need help deciding!!!

  1. Hi I am new to this site and I LOVE IT!!! I was just at my Coach outlet and they are holding 2 purses for me. I can't decide which one to get...there is a large Soho flap in all leather saddle color and they are holding a mini sig tote in khaki that has the 2 front pockets with themagnetic buckle closure. I really lik the leather Soho flap b/c I only have the signature pieces. I have a red duffle and a black duffle. I like the mini sig tote but the "c"s don't line up like they should. It looks fake since they son't line up. The flap has the sig lining. The other colors didn't. I can't decide...please help. I'm afraid the flap will get scratched with 2 kids???:nuts:
  2. I am biased cause I love the flap bags and have a small one in I say get that one! :yes:
  3. Sounds like you have your mind and heart set on the Soho flap!!! Get that one!
  4. I would go with the flap.. .those are great bags, and really comfy to wear!!
  5. Go with the flap! It's classic, beautiful and stylish. I'm just not a mini-sig fan. I like the big signature C's. Welcome to tPF!
  6. Thanks for all your replies! I'm going to go get the flap!!! I love the big C's and I'm not a huge mini C fan. I guess that's why I was having trouble I was trying to talk myself into liking them Lol!! Thanks again everyone!!!
  7. go with the flap..i've always like those ones!!!!!!!!
  8. I dont like the mini c's cant even see them from a distance at all! Go w/ the flap!!!!!
  9. I have the saddle flap and i love it! it is so buttery soft, and it really doesn't get that scratched up, get the moisturizer though...I highly reccomend it! I think it's beautiful!
  10. I have a flap in camel. I love it. I moisturize it and that keeps it looking great.
    Good luck and welcome!
  11. Welcome to tPF! :welcome: Go with the flap, you seem to like it alot! :tup:
  12. I did it!!! I got the flap in saddle. The store held the last one they had left in the saddle. I liked the white one and black one, but they didn't have the sig lining. I got the moisturizer. It had a few scrathches from being on the shelf, but they came right far I love it!!! It holds everything. Thanks for the help and suggestions everyone.
  13. YAY congratulations! :yahoo:I have the soho flap in mahogany that I bought from an outlet in May and its gorgeous!

    It's still in the box and tissue lol because I haven't used it yet. I bought it cuz it was such a steal. Was it still at $67 at your outlet? They sold out at my outlet pretty quick! I can't wait to use it though!
  14. I got the large flap. It was on sale for $169 then 30% off that. It came down to $118.
  15. very nice!
    post pics =)