need help deciding....

  1. I recently bought the white baby cabas from Saks...recieved it...didnt take off the tags...loved it at first, but now im contemplating to keep it or looks like a huge marshmellow landed on my shoulder when I wear it..maybe I should wait for the black to show up?

    how do you feel about the cabas bag? is the only thing that truly is appealing..the CC charm? without this..who would still buy it?


    I bought the rock and chain flap....wore it around the house, totally trendy and fun bag, but I got to thinking..will this bag become incredibly dated like some of the other similiar bags with chains covering them that show up on eBay from time to time?

    should I return both bags?

    I really want a gold matte flap, but I need a black bag as an everyday bag...I was thinking of returning the cabas and the R&C flap..and getting a gold colored matte flap and possibly a black soft and chain flap...or should I keep the bags I have? I need input from others!
  2. You know what..I think you have a point..i probably wouldn't think about buying the baby cabas if it didn't have the little charm on for the rock and chain...that bag kicks need to keep that one..I would return the cabas and get the gold flap!
  3. U are rite abt the CC charm...that's the thing that appealed to me..

    Rock & chain..try the triple chain....with flap...that look gd
  4. The CC medallion that's so appealing about the coco cabas. That's what missing in the denim cabas right?

    If you have second though about these bags, you should return them & get something you really love.
  5. If you do not LOVE the way the white cabas looks on your arm, then definitely return it for something you'd love more:yes:

    I am totally biased because I JUST got my white baby cabas last night and am in love. And you're right - it's the charm that got me;) And I like the way it feels when I wear's easy to wear.

    BUT - find something that you are in love with! These bags are too expensive not to be completely satisifed. :yes:
  6. the triple chain is what I do have, im returning it though..I looked closely at it and the flap isnt aligned it looks cricked when its worn, blah!
    think i might get the gold matte flap instead.
  7. Where did you get your baby white? Think you need to read the thread re rock and chain and how it's not wearable over the shoulder. I'm betting the designers of these purses are men; they're missing the boat on weight (heavy) and short length of chains. Maybe more of these will land at the outlet. Sorry for the cynicism, but a tad more thought in design would have made them more practical as well as sellable.

  8. I like your second idea the best. Get what you REALLY want!
  9. i said, wait for the black baby cabas :p
  10. I love the rock & chain flap in black, so I say get that.
  11. ^ I ALREADY have the rock and chain flap in black..the chains are odd and the flap is not aligned im taking it back. its the large size for $1975.00.
  12. saks.

    I got the rock and chain flap, NOT the hobo which is being discussed about in that thread.

  13. Return both if you have reservations. Your other options sound dreamy!
  14. Yes, if you have doubts then return them.