Need help deciding.....

  1. I have the Katelyn sneakers in khaki/white and want a bag to match. I bought the white sig stripe swingpack to go with them, but also considered the sig stripe demi (not the pouch, but the $158 demi). I also have the angora trim Carly on backorder. Do you think I should return the swingpack and wait on my Carly, return the swingpack and get the sig stripe demi, or just keep the swingpack?
  2. Any suggestions?
  3. Do you have pics!?
  4. Keep this in white:

    or return and get this in white:

    or return the swingpack and just wait for this in the angora (off white) trim:
  5. Wait for the Carly. :yes:
  6. Another vote for the Carly! I'm getting that one too!
  7. i agree wait for the carly! it's delish!
  8. I :heart: the Carly!!!
  9. I love the carly but just got the demi because I don't need another big bag. I adore the blue/brown signature one!! I haven't seen the angora one.
  10. wait for the carly
  11. Wait for the Carly! I broke my purse ban to buy a black/black signature Carly (I was going to buy a black bag in July, I just decided to buy it a little early :graucho: ). No PCE for me so I ordered it online at I can't wait to get it!
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone!! I took the swingpack back today and used the credit towards PCE purchase #1.