Need help deciding!


Sep 1, 2008
Since I am unable to go into an LV store to see it for myself, I was hoping the PF community can help me decide! I am trying to decide between the LV Onthego Empreinte or Speedy 25. I know they are two waaay different bags but I just love the structure and look of the monogram on the black leather of the onthego. I've also been eyeing the Speedy for a while now. My biggest concern about the Onthego is how it would look on my frame. I am super short (5' tall) so I'm always conscious about seeing it on others vs how it would look on myself because I feel with larger bags it would just look like the bag is going to eat me.
For those who are more petite in frame, do you have mod shots you could share with me for the onthego?


Mar 19, 2013
I had the Onthego and sold it. Unless you will use it as a work bag, something functional, I'm not sure it works as a fashionista look. I don't like the speedy 25 ( I'd get a 30) , but I think it would fit your body better than the OTG. I'm 5"7 and the OTG was a big bag on me. And I like big bags!


Apr 26, 2019
I don't have OTG, because I tried it in store and it looked wayyyyyy too big on me. I'm 5'4" and 125lbs, so the bag was really overwhelming on me. OTG is made well, but it's also heavy, another reason why I walked away from it.

My biggest bag from LV is my artsy. It's big, but it doesn't look like it's going to eat me. I bought a bandouliere strap for it too, so I could wear it as a long shoulder and crossbody bag. Still doesn't look overwhelming. It's heavy, but not as heavy as OTG imo.

Personally, I would get speedy 30 over 25. I think 25 is just a tad too small for how much I carry. 30 gives me extra room in case I want to throw in another item for the day.