Need help deciding!!!

  1. Ok I need some help deciding what bag to choose for spring/summer!
    Here are the options!
    Burberry 1
    Burberry 2
    Coach 1
    Coach 2

    Please help! Your opinions will be much appreciated!:heart:
  2. Anyone PLEASE!!!!!
  3. Personally i like the coach 2 bag. They are all quite different though!!!
  4. Burberry 2 is my favorite. Where is that pic from?

    Coach 2 was second choice. I prefer the non-logo coaches but I haven't been very happy with the spring colors.
  5. I like the blue Coach satchel the best... what a cute color for spring!

    I'm not a big fan of Burberry - I just don't care for the pattern.
  6. I am not a burberry gal, either. love the blue coach, especially. then the other coach. then the ferragamo. hope this helps.
    happy shopping
  7. I like the Burberry nr 1. Very fresh with beige and white for the spring and summer! I personally use my beige gucci's when it's summer cuz it's a fresh colour :smile: Especially if they got the white leather trim like the Burberry!
  8. LOVE the first burberry bag!! It's PERFECT for spring/summer!!! :nuts:

    Good luck with your decision! :yes:
  9. I like this one the best:
  10. The first Burberry bag. Beautiful.
  11. Me, too. It's a beautiful spring/summer color!
  12. I like Burberry 1 and Coach 1. I'm not fond of the Burberry pattern on bags but the white leather trim on it would look nice for summer.
  13. blue coach
  14. LOVE the blue Coach! I would definitely go for that one. And light blue is a really versatile handbag color!
  15. Thanks for your opinions .keep them comming!
    Zoey the 2nd Burberry bag is from Burberry's website in there sale section.