Need help deciding

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  1. Left or right?

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  3. The explorer has one nuance that bugs me that the op doesn't have so i'm wondering if I should flip it.
  4. You own both or just the one on the right? Either way, I like the right one more.
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  5. I like the one on the left. :smile:
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  6. I own the one on the right. My friend wants to sell me the one on the left. The right one seems to get a lot of good looks, but the way the logo is crowded in there bugs me. I like how the logo is more open on the left side.
  7. I knew it was the logo bugging you. I still like the one on the right.
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  8. lol
  9. Hi! I saw your earlier post you have a Sub. If you have a Sub and are used to larger watches, I would get a Daytona.

    The Explorer to me looks too wimpy. It is also very close to your Sub, only I like the Sub far better than the Explorer.

    The Daytona is a beautiful watch. My wrist is small and I wear a stainless one. Even though it’s 40mm like the Sub, it
    looks sleeker because the Sub’s bezel is very bulky whereas the Daytona’s is smooth.

    To answer your question though...given you already have a Sub, I would get the one on the left. It looks more different (softer if that’s the look you’re going for) than the one Sub you already have.

    But for me...I’d go Daytona all the way. It is an elegant yet sporty 40mm. I like big watches.

    The downside to the stainless Daytona is there is a very long wait list. But it’s worth it.

    Just my two cents.
    Hope it helps in your decision.
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    Thanks for the input. I tried on the Daytona a while back but it wasn't right for me.
  11. I prefer the one in the right.
  12. they're so similar I don't see the point in owning both. would you sell your first one if you bought your friend's watch?
  13. Yep, I wouldn't hold onto both.
  14. unless you got yours preowned, you'll lose a lot if you sell it.....guess you know that
  15. I usually break even since I buy and sell preowned.
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