Need help deciding which shoes with this dress?

  1. I'm going to a ball in December. I've got the dress but I can't decide which shoes to wear with it! I've picked 3 off e-bay this morning and I'd appreciate thoughts :tup:

    Here's the dress:

    And here's the 3 shoes:
  2. I think the first shoe is my favorite out of all of them. But I don't think it would go well with your dress, because it would be too much blue.
    So I would pair the third shoe with your dress.
  3. I would wear the second pair with the dress. The first ones are cue, but too matchy-matchy with the dress.
  4. 2
  5. 2nd one :yes:
  6. It has to be silver -- the blue might be slightly off.
  7. 2nd!
  8. 2 or 3
    You never really wear #1 for a dainty dress like that.
  9. I think all three look good. Although, I probably will not get the 1st, b/c how many outfits can you pair with these shoes? You will get a lot more use with the 2 silver heels, IMO.
  10. #2!!!they're all pretty though
  11. I like #2/. Three looks a little heavy with the different textures on the shoes rhinestones and stuff. And since the dress has a beaded waist i think the same pattern through the shoe would look better.

    The blue shoes are gorgeous, but its hard to know if they'll match, And then if they match it looks too bridesmaid or promish in my opinion.
  12. number two! Although all are pretty.
  13. second pair. the first pair would match too much..that looks a little tacky.
  14. 2

    the first is too matchy matchy
  15. 2