Need help deciding which Rainboots


Which Burberry Rainboots are better?

  1. Mid calf Boot

  2. Tall Boot

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  1. I recently just brought the tall burberry rain boots from Neimans, which are approx. 13" in height. I was on Nordies and saw the mid calf ones which are approx. 9", im only 4'11, so the tall one come up only 4" away from my knee, i figured since these are a lil to high, I'll just get the shorter ones and save.

    First question: are the tall ones suppose to come up this high?

    Second: I only paid $170.00 + $7.44 tax(free shipping)=$177.44 for the tall ones, the mid-calf ones come out to $150.00 + $12.56 tax(free shipping)=$162.56, So should I just keep the talls one even if they are a bit to high seeing as i would only save $15?


    [​IMG] Mid calf
    [​IMG] Tall ones I currently have.