Need help deciding which LV!!!!!!

  1. :wondering I've been having with-drawal symptons i haven't bought a bag in ages.I'd decided on a Chloe paddington then my 2 best friends and sister-in-law kind of "jumped on the band wagon".Anyway after joining PF i've started to really appreciate LV and i want to buy my first one,i usually buy Gucci or Prada and i have one small Chanel but now i have made a decisione I WANT A LOUIS VUITTON so Speedy25 or Popincourt. THANKS:unsure:
  2. Speedy 25 but the spedy 30 would also be nice.. :P
  3. Popincourt! I'm biased as I want this as my next bag myself :smile: Depends on if you like handheld or shoulderbag though? I don't like handheld so it's an easy choice for me :smile:
  4. i say go with the popincourt.
  5. i'd have to say Speedy 25 or 30
  6. i usually buy shoulderbags but............hmm maybe i need to see them close up. What worries me is if i can't decide i'll go to LV be surrounded by beautiful bags and come out with more than i can afford.Thanks anyway for the advice i'll let you know what i choose.
  7. Speedy 25.
  8. My vote is for the Speedy!
  9. Aren't both Speedy 25 and Popincourt hand-held bags? I thought Popincourt Haute was the shoulder one.

    I would choose the Speedy though! I personally love the shape and find it to be THE perfect everyday bag!
  10. Personally I like the Popincourt better (b/c of its structure and the cute tassels and shape) but if this is your first LV, go for the speedy.
  11. [​IMG]this is the popincourt i mean, irealised after that Twinklette had mentioned the wrong one.
  12. popincourt, less common than speedy
  13. speedy
  14. They are quite similar. I lean toward Speedy, but really dislike its sagginess factor. If you are okay with it, then Speedy? =)
  15. Speedy