Need help deciding which color:) coq or lagon?

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  1. i would love to hear from u ladies what u think about this. im deciding between getting a lagon city g12 or coquelicot city g12. i currently own lagon rh city but will soon be going to her new home. i need a replacement:smile:) i love lagon but been lusting over coq rg for the longest time! tia!
  2. Girl that is a tough one! I love both those colours. I vote coq only because I have always wanted a coq :P...but I think you will get more use out of it as I find red to be a great neutral. And every girl needs a red bag in their collection.
  3. I agree with yoyo. Coq is a must have!!
  4. i know its tough! is coq in g12 rare?i dont see very many. ive been lusting on coq for awhile now esp in rose gold. i never had a red bag and agree with yoyo and A. red is a must have esp in coq! and i really wanna try out g12 this time. lagon will still be there for awhile but this coq is a rare find for me, i think? lol :smile:
  5. I think coq is pretty hard to come by, especially in the GH.
  6. ya, i think so too. i always see it in silver hw. uggh! i need to sleep on it tonight. :smile: thanks yoyo!:smile:
  7. They shouldn't be too hard to come by since it is (g12) last season 2012 SS color. Have you tried calling the boutiques? Unless they were produced less at the first place, Coq is fairly new released color.
  8. I know...I want a coq in G21 silver too! Too bad our lovely Tinkler's isn't changing her mind hehe...on a ban on a ban :P.

    Ok keep me posted :biggrin:
  9. I vote Coq mRGGH over Lagon mRGGH. Next season there's another turquoisey colour, but I don't see an intense red like Coq (Rose Bon Bon looks brighter and Corail, well it's a Coral colour). Best of luck whichever you decide!
  10. thanks Chu for ur input! i think im leaning towards the coq now!:smile: i should have an answer by tomorrow:smile:
  11. I vote coq. My next bag should be red too :smile:
  12. Everyone needs a good red bag. :graucho:

    Turquoise is nice to have, after you get a red!
  13. Thanks Dearest girl! Im going for the coq!:smile:
  14. ita!! lagon will still be around for awhile i guess but this coq combo is hard to come by! ill go for it! :smile: thank u!
  15. Another vote for coq, the red is very classy