need help deciding which color alexandra to get

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  1. I have a blue patent and a champagne alexandra on hold but I can't decide which one to get. Has there been any issues with the blue patent alexandra as fas as the patent peeling? I'm also concerned about the champagne being too light. I would appreciate any advice. tia
  2. I have been reading about all these bags peeling. I think it is on a bag to bag case.
    I change my bags way to often to have issues. I would say get the blue patent -
  3. I would say get the blue patent also. It is a gorgeous bag and the patent leather is very soft on this bag not stiff at all.
  4. Its funny you should post this, because I am in the same dilemma.
    Ever since I got my Alexandra, its become my favorite style, and that has really surprised me. But I have a studded OP so I cannot comment on any peeling. Between the 2 you have listed, I think that blue patent is gorgeous.

    The 3 I am torn between for my 2nd Alexandra are the silver metallic, apple green and suede studded petrol. Whats funny about that is I will probably walk out with the champagne. Why cant we have them all? :nuts:
    I need help....LOL
  5. I have the Champagne Alexandra, and I really do Love the color - Have not had any problems at all with this color, and goes with everything - Oh and the leather is so soft. I say go for Champagne
  6. I have the gunmetal metallic and the silver is flaking off after 11 days and I am very nice/careful with my bags....i am returning/exchanging it today....

    love the Alex bag...trying to decide what other color to get instead....
  7. I saw a blue patent at one of my outlets and I really liked the color. I'm not a big fan of patent but this seemed to be a somewhat subtle patent, not as stiff as some of them so I thought it would be a great everyday type bag but as I was looking it over, I saw 1 spot where it was already rubbing off and one where it was cracked :sad: so that made the decision for me. I saw it at my other outlet too and it was fine but if the one could look like that, I'm sure the other could too.
    I did buy a champagne one and it is so soft! I didn't think much of this style when it first came out but am so glad I checked it out at the outlet.
  8. I have the champagne alexandra I paid FP for her and love her..tags still on I am trying to do a PA at the outlet. I also bought the alexandra sig at the outlet just as an everyday bag..
  9. I'm not a big fan of patent and I think that you can wear the champagne color with a lot more. Champagne gets my vote.
  10. I think I like the Champagne too. I have seen it IRL and its gorgeous.
  11. i would go with the blue patent leather. good luck!
  12. ditto!!
  13. Champagne....
    It's more neutral and imo more pizazzy than the blue patent.
  14. I vote for the champagne too! I saw it on a lady last night and the color was tdf. I had the blue patent on hold for me at the outlet and I saw it yesterday. I didn't like how dull this blue patent was compared to my cobalt blue patent Sabrina.
  15. How Funny, same dilemma. They are holding op art khaki, Blue Patent, Silver metallic,violet croc, I let the champagne go, it's beautiful, but Im worried about it getting dirty,transfer. I had the Silver Metallic, tdf, but You have to baby it, corners started wearing off with 2 months. It's on my list because I might it it again for light use. I know Ill get the khaki for everyday, But then What??? I almost bought it full price with pce last week. Sure glad I started really reading this Forum, i would have never realized New bags at the Outlet?