Need help deciding which Chanel tote!

  1. Hi Girls! I've been dying to get a new Chanel bag, and was all set to get the quilted medallion tote bag in black (same bag that Cristina and Pursegalsf has)...I just love it!! But then the other day I saw a woman with the large black Cambon tote and it just looked so chic and sporty! So now I'm torn between the two. I am a SAHM so I don't often get super-dressed up and the Cambon tote seems so easy to use. But I am so in love with the other just seems so much more dressy. Any suggestions?
  2. I have the flap cambon tote and its the most amazing bag..I may get it in another color....!!!Get it while you wont regret it!
  3. I have the large cambon tote in black and i so love it!! i would also want to have one of those with flaps. sorry....not much help :biggrin:
  4. The flap is very classy but I have to say I really love the large cambon for everyday use! It seems practical & chic!
  5. Since you seem to 'love' the cambon and it sounds like the sporty/fun side of that style may suit you, I say to get that one first. The Medallion is a classic and you can always pick that one up later. I love the Cambon 'playful' line (the quirky CC off to the side). Good luck deciding!
  6. I have the large cambon tote in black, i love it. i also use it as a diaper bag.
  7. i guarantee either one will make u so happy!
  8. I have the Cambon tote and love it.
  9. Thanks for your input!! I guess I'll go with the Cambon for now! I'll put the Medallion tote on my "want" list!;)
  10. I am partial to my tote :shame: But, I was looking at the cambon tote in beige before going with the caviar medallion tote. It's a beautiful bag, and to me it is more casual and sporty than the caviar tote. If you think it might fit your style more, I'd go for the cambon :biggrin:
  11. My problem is that I WANT BOTH! The Cambon is more useful to me right now, but I do so love the Medallion Tote!:love: :love: Oh well, it will give me something to look forward to!:P
  12. My favorite tote from Chanel is the 2007 Black Caviar tote. It's so classic looking and goes with everything. It is simular to the one that Lauren carries on the Hills.
  13. Yes, the one that Lauren carries is TDF. It looks fantastic.
  14. I love my Medallion, use it day and night!
  15. just remember, the medallion tote is harder to get into to. i love the pink lining with the cambon tote.. good luck.