Need help deciding which CDC(s) to keep (again )

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  1. So here I am again... Asking advice 😊

    I've been searching for the rouge casaque CDC for ages and last week I saw the shw online and ordered it!! Was excited when it arrived, however kept looking for the ghw... And what do you know, a few days later my DH found it at the airport on a business trip. So now I have both and have to chose.

    I also have the capuchine CDC ghw (still unused) and would ideally want to return that one and keep both RC's, however it's been 4 months so that isn't an option (is it?)

    So what to do? I'm a ghw girl, maybe time to grab one shw CDC in this stunning SHW or... Stay with your first choice and keep the ghw?
  2. You might be able to return the capucine depending on your store...either way, if you want to keep both RCs, return or sell it. With the price increase that will be easy!
    I would love to see more H collectors selling the items they never wear or carry at humane prices...we all have them!
  3. Unless you really love GHW, I say keep the rouge casaque w/ PHW to give more variation to your capucine GHW.
  4. Thanks! I'll call my store and check! They may take it back anyway as I'm just over the 3 months return period.

    Would you keep both RC's?
  5. I think red with SHW and with GHW are very different looks but it depends how you wear your you stack with matching metals? Do you match to your bags? If you don't like mixing metals, then having two hardware colors seems useful. CDC has a LOT of hardware. And if RC goes with most of your wardrobe then that also makes sense,

    If you don't mind mixed metals, personally I would diversify.
  6. I don't really mind mixing metals, it's just a lot of hardware on a CDC as you say lol.
    Just cannot decide in which HW I love the RC more 😁

    I do know I don't need capuchine and RC (whatever hardware, I prefer the RC in colour).
  7. keep the GHW!!! :P
  8. It seems like even after you got the RC with PHW you still wanted the GHW. I say keep the RC GHW, return or sell the other two, and purchase another CDC with PHW in a different leather color to diversify.
  9. Hi Sterre, like u, i prefer RC to capucine and GHW to PHW! The ideal scenario would be ur store allowing the return of the capucine or tat u can sell it! Becos i think RC is one rare color that looks gorgeous in both GHW and PHW. It is stunning and glamorous in GHW, while sophisticated and classic in PHW!

    However, if you HAVE to choose either RC in GHW or PHW, i would say go with your love and keep the GHW! ;)
  10. Keep RC GHW and Cap GHW.
  11. Keep the RC in GHW
  12. I agree with McLoverly. You will for sure find another color with PHW which you will love.
  13. Thanks everyone!

    I'm going to keep the RC ghw for sure

    Now: do I also keep the RC phw? Or is the capuchine ghw different enough from RC to justify both?
  14. I have the same problem n would love to hear some views too. RC ghw and Capucine ghw too similar?
  15. RC is the only color I like more in PHW. I think it looks younger.